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The course is donation based

This is not a product or service one pays for for pleasure; but a journey to explore the mind to get the fundamental clarity about life, which in reverse clears all the issues. This course is not designed to make the ego happy, as opposed to the prevalent commercial incentive, but to guide the participants to independently understand the self, though the byproduct is a peaceful and joyful life.

The course is donation based and therefore accessible to everyone who is keen on understanding the self in a serious way without being complicated by the commercial elements; in order to keep non-profit initiative sustainable, Mindiverse is open to donations.

How to donate

Currently, one can donate via bank transfer.

NL71 INGB 0657 8643 82 C Zhang

You can also do this online via this link: Click here (the link from ING bank is only valid for a few weeks, and we try to keep it updated regularly)

Mindiverse Foundation has established, more ways of donating are coming.

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The course is open to register worldwide. In spite of the fact that the course is donation-based and free to everyone, For serious exploration, we encourage you to sign up, so as to establish a connection with Mindiverse, which may help the practice in many ways. More information is coming. If you would like to express the interest now, fill in this simple form below or via this link