Introduction to the course

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The introduction to the course in 3 minutes.

Meditation is needed to deal with COVID 19.

What is the online session like?

A Meditation course for Clarity

This is a unique open course to guide you to explore the inner world to understand the mind. This course aims at preparing you for an independent inner exploration, no methods, no system, no doctrines to follow, it is you alone that explore and understand the nature of mind, getting the clarity, which is the ultimate key to all kinds of confusions and mental challenges and solution to a peaceful, calm and joyful life.

Most people are living in this world with a fragmented mind, exemplified by the self-centered activities, totally confused about life and existence, which leads to all kinds of life challenges. To overcome these challenges, people keep seeking all kinds of solutions in vain, without questioning why these challenges exist. The answer is never external, so seeking is no help; actually, the solution lies in the problem itself, which means, if one sees life clearly, that clarity clears all the fusses and confusion, then there is no problem, so solution is not needed; that’s why clarity is the ultimate key to all life challenges.

To get this clarity, one has to understand oneself deeply, understand the whole structure of the thoughts and the content of the consciousness. And this journey is meditation, and this course is to help you get on this marvelous journey to understand the self and live a life without illusion.

Besides the general and flexible meditation technique, this course will share with you the essence of life and nature of mind, which is also the quintessence of Chan Buddhism (Huineng), Taoism (Laozi, Zhuangzi) and Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teaching. The course will focus on the neural perspectives and only uses simple English to thoroughly explain everything. This course has no traditions, systems, doctrines to share, but just points out the things that matter to the inner exploration. It is up to one to be independent and free to explore and perceive the truth of mind.

This course is both philosophical and practical. Being practical means meditation technique helps quieten the neurons, for a quiet mind to make the observance possible, Being philosophical means to get insight about the mind based on the observance and true logic, which in reverse helps quieten the mind; this synergy will lead to the change of the neural structure of the mind and bring the clarity.


  • An introductory course to nature of mind, which borders on Chan/Zen in its purest form, no tradition, no system, no doctrine.

  • A good combination of practicality and profundity.

  • Simple English without any specialized and abstruse terms to help one see the truth.

  • Focus on the essence -- what is meditation, when one knows what is meditation, one won’t ask how to meditate.

Target audience

  1. People who are interested in mind, psychology, and profundity, and curious about Zen/Chan Buddhism and Taoism in its purest form, and would like to explore the mind seriously for peace, joy and a transformation of life.

  2. Anyone who would like to take a both practical and philosophical approach to understand the nature of mind and practice meditation for a change of lifestyle, a simple and joyful life.

  3. Anyone who has been an active thinker and is very eager to understand the self and the mind for deeper insight.

  4. Anyone who likes managing their own and would like to master meditation practice on a deeper level.

  5. Anyone whose profession is some mentally challenging and would like to have a good well-being, a good life-work-balance by independent exploration.

  6. Anyone who has been on this inner journey and would like to go deep for a thorough understanding and life change.

With clarity, there are numerous possibilities.

  1. one understands oneself truly, and can deal with any mental challenges arising from life, so one can live a truly peaceful life.

  2. one can handle the toxic working environment smartly and all kinds of inappropriate behaviors.

  3. one can have a life full of creativity and joy.

  4. You name it.