This course consists of weekly sessions, audio guides and daily practice (It is up to the participants to practice on a daily practice).

  1. Live sessions takes place via Zoom or YouTube weekly and playback (of what the teacher has said) is available to watch, so no one can miss the content and reviewing the content via the playback with daily practice can deepen the understanding. Website:

  2. Audio guides are free to use to help one learn the meditation technique, if one has never touched upon it before. Website:

  3. Daily practice basically means daily meditation, which is of one's volition, but is highly recommended.

  4. The length of course is decided by you, if you treat the life as meditation, the length won't be a concern for you. :-)


  • It is best to attend the live sessions for an insightful and serious understanding of meditation and nature of mind, this means that you need to adjust your life pace to allow for this, which is already part of meditation.

  • It is necessary to empty all the knowledge one has accumulated about oneself to start this journey of inner exploration without being obstructed by the knowledge. The knowledge is always old, but the mind at this moment is always new.

  • It is one's daily practice and awareness, not only attending these sessions, that brings about the change. so daily practice is very important.

Weekly sessions are meditation themselves

Each session includes the meditation practice (practicality) and inner exploration (profundity). Participates need to give full attention to what the speaker is saying, that's to observe their own mind to understand the speaker's words, at the same time, without getting stuck in the reactions to words. This attentive listening is again a practice of meditation.

Each session's topic includes, but not limited to, "Non-judgmental", "Be present", "Acceptance", "Gratitude", "A beginner's mind", "Non-attachment", "Self-Ego" "impermanence" and "Compassion". The speaker will dynamically change the topics and explain from multiple perspectives.

The session takes place on a weekly and rolling basis, for anyone who wants to be serious about the exploration, it is recommended to attend often, if possible.

More information about the live sessions, check out

The weekly session takes place via Zoom & YouTube (&Facebook)

  1. High quality audio and good quality video, thanks to the professional equipment.

  2. Playback is available afterwards for reviewing what the speaker has said, which is helpful for the daily practice.

Audio guide

If you would like to follow some audio guides and videos to get familiar with the meditation technique and help your daily practice, check out

Date and time

Live sessions have their date and time, check out

For this open course as a whole, you can start NOW. Perhaps you can start with the meditation technique,

Daily practice

It depends on your awareness to make this happen.