About Mindiverse Foundation

Mindiverse has been running as a non-profit initiative since 2018 to offer free meditation sessions to people, helping them get the clarity to deal with the life challenge. Up to December 2020, more than 120 meditation sessions have been offered and a lot of videos about meditation and life have been made available on YouTube.

From 2021 onward, Mindiverse runs as a non-profit foundation to reach more people, bringing the benefits of meditation in different ways to more people.

Mindiverse has been registered as "Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting" in the Netherlands. (KVK number 81799802, RSIN 862224123)

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About the teacher

Cico Zhang is a philosopher, generalist, public speaker about meditation and nature of mind; he has a diversity background in science (mathematics, AI, informatics and biology), and been deeply involved in the eastern and western realities, culture and languages, which tremendously contributes to his observance of all kinds of illusions and distortions people are trapped by, causing all kinds of life challenges. In each meditation session, he guides all the participant to meditate, where he uses simple English to explain everything and point out the directions for one to investigate and find out about the mind. This exploration is both serious and interesting, and of course unique, since the human conversation is irreplaceable.

About the course team

The organization of this course is a teamwork. Ana, Bob and Joyce have a lot of meditation experience to help every participant whenever necessary to get on with meditation.